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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your tiling questions

Listed below are answers to some of the more common questions that we get asked regularly:

Yes, you will be provided with a written quote that will list the completion price together with the cost of products used.
This will be dependent on a number of factors like the type of tiles used, the size of job involved and our current workload but allow at least 2 working weeks.  The start time will be discussed during our site visit and confirmed in writing.
Yes, we will remove existing tiles as required.  This work would be covered in our quotation.
We can supply your tiles, together all required adhesives, fixings and trim.  Please note we would require a deposit for all supplied materials.  If you wish to supply your own tiles please discuss with us first to ensure that they will be suitable for the project and that the quantity purchased will be enough to cover the area(s) being tiled.
Please ensure that the room(s) to be tiled are clear of any furniture etc.  If you have any large and difficult to move objects we can arrange for additional help with this for a small extra charge.
We use a rapid setting adhesive on floors which means you can usually walk on them after a few hours of being laid, however, please check with the installer before doing so.  The type of tiles being used and the surface being tiled can affect the amount of time that you must wait before walking on them.
Once we complete your new tiling we will leave them clean, however, you can clean them as often as you like after 3 days.